Karen Walker and the Mortician

"Karen Walker" is a fantasy/western webcomic. After her parents are killed when she's quite young, setting her off on a journey of vengeance. In the process, she uses her parents' apparent wealth to find and hire the one assassin who could avenge them - a Tejano gunfighter thought to be immortal. As they hunt down the members of the gang that killed her parents, she confronts who she is, who her parents were, who they're fighting, and who she's hired.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Merchandise Available

Karen Walker and the Mortician merchandise is now online.

Arturo again, younger. Posted by Picasa

Arturo Still working on the last name.  Posted by Picasa

Scanned in pencil artwork for "Judith Mackie". Probably will appear next year, but the character will be set up from the beginning. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


In Three Months...

Karen Walker's world is going to change, and only one man will help her.

For more art, go to the Silhouette Pictures Cafe Press store.

In other news:

I finally got my scanner, freeing me up to do all of this work I've been planning on. Look for more updates. Karen Walker, Children of War, White Magic, and Chinaman's Chance are going to soon be up on Blogger. Since that has the most ease. I'm also going to try doing pseudoanimation for internet videos.